We Went to Cardiff. You’ll never believe what happened next!


With a few days of freedom in Cardiff, Wales, you can find a lot to do. From a beautiful city, vibrant downtown, bumpin’ nightlife, to an inane walk around the entirety of the bay (and to a completely different city) all because someone thought they knew where they were going! Without question, I think the most enjoyable bit of this stop on our UK tour has been experiencing the mix between the modern shuffle and the old-world relics in such a compact area. Whereas in London you could walk blocks until you run into a WWII (or earlier) era piece of architecture; in Cardiff, there is rarely a street you can stand on without seeing the towering castle, city hall, or church.



On a totally different tangent, I want to speak briefly about a burger I had on our first day here in Cardiff, Wales. While walking about and exploring the city a group of us were trying to decide where to have lunch. Half the group was content on visiting the local T.G.I. Friday’s *sad trumpet sound*, the other half of us wanted to go somewhere we’d never been before and couldn’t go to back home. That’s when someone found The Grazing Shed (pictured below), a local burger chain. I know that I can get a burger anywhere at home but at the time it sounded like a great choice and let me tell you…it is up there as one of the top three burgers I have ever had. The cheese was perfectly melty/saucey, the meat was medium rare (as all burgers should be), and there was no gimmick or extra pizzaz (the bad kind of pizzaz). It was just a good burger. The fries were pretty good as well.


Jacob’s Burger Ranking

  1. Bull’s Head Tavern Burger (in Grand Rapids, MI)
  2. The Grazing Shed (Cardiff, Wales…and elsewhere I assume.)
  3. A Good Homemade Smash Burger

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