We’ve moved to a Cardiff(erent) Country

Adventures in Cardiff, Wales — By: Bridget Bartos

Happy Monday from Wales!

On Friday, we trained from London to Cardiff. After cleaning out our flat and packing up, we took a bus to Paddington Train Station.

When we got there, we enjoyed some bagels before awaiting the train. After about 45 minutes, the train arrived and we all boarded.

Waiting in Paddington
Our views from breakfast

Troy reserved us the seats with tables, so it was easy for us to converse. I really enjoy the dynamic of trains. Although the stations can be crazy busy, when you get on the train it is much more relaxed and comfortable than flying. The ride was peaceful and the views were amazing. I even got to practice my drawing skills while we rode!

The train ride in
First Looks of Cardiff


Once in Cardiff, we ventured 800 feet to our hotel, the Sleeperz. The rooms here are crazy tiny (but perfect just Emily and I) (except we have a ton of stuff). As soon as we got settled in, we headed out to see the city!

Cardiff surprised me. The streets are bustling with people shopping and eating. It’s full of markets, malls, and boutiques which are all connected by little streets and pathways.

Exploring Cardiff is easier than London; there are not as many tourists or slow walkers, and it is way smaller. The people here want to talk to you, and are super interested in America and its culture. No matter where we go, people ask where we are from and complement our voices. (Personally, I like how they sound much more.) Instead of doing one big bulk blog, I am going to do some highlights of the trip next!

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