A short trip to Penarth

On Sunday, all of us went to Cardiff castle together. The castle is not that large and luxurious like Windsor but still like the historical sense of it. But again, it is not a place which worth you take 3 hours. Since I didn’t sleep well last night, I made a small nap in the lobby.  Because I was sleepy at that time, I forget who talked with me(really sorry for that one who recommends me this place) and advised me to visit Penarth. I checked the schedule of the train and found the next train was 15 minutes later. Without any plan, I jump on the train to Penarth. And I didn’t this trip would be an Indelible memory in my life at that time.

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After I jumped off from the train, I immersed in this quiet and relaxing environment already. There is a road alongside the beautiful and clean sea bank. Hundreds of sailing boat parked there in the sunshine. There are many houses arranged on the hill, and I am so jealous of the house owners since they can enjoy all these great sightseeing by just opening the window. The surprising thing is there are many excellent pubs hidden in this little town. I drank a cup of tasted apple cider and kept going uphill.

When I climbed to the hill, the setting sun was almost finishing. There was an old lady also stayed there. We just stood, watched the sun dropping below the horizon. The sunset glow ignites everywhere it shined on. The seabank, mountain, and house are all colored in red. It was quiet and even time slows down at that time. After 20 minutes, the sun finally dropped below the mountain. I took a deep breath and talked with that lady. She said she had stayed this place for 12 years, and I told her buying a house there is already listed on my bucket list. She laughed and said: We can meet again at that time.

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It was complex when I heard that, do we still have a chance to meet again? Life is always hard to expect like I didn’t know I can get one of my memorable trip one hour earlier. But I still Hope we can see again.

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