After the Presentation.

Today was another more relaxed day in Cardiff. The only thing on the agenda, a presentation at Golley Slater (a local PR firm in Cardiff, Wales). Before heading out for that a few of us went across the street to The Great Western for a traditional English Breakfast. Some of us returned to our hotels (to nap off the large breakfast) and others went out to a museum, later we gathered at Golley Slater’s office for the presentation.

The fantastic traditional English Breakfast we had!

The main topics covered were the makeup of Golley Slater as a PR firm, their inner workings and different departments, and the common misconceptions about working in PR and advertising. Not only did this give me a very expansive view of the full scope that PR/marketing/advertising actually consists of, but it helped confirm the idea that creatives are not confined to pure art for the sake of art, but can do something that can bring in a more consistent paycheck. Another portion that stuck was the idea that being talented isn’t enough, and that goes for any profession. Your talent alone is useless if you aren’t someone that people can work with.

The three Golley Slater Reps speaking during the presentation.

After the presentation, we went down to the local pub The City Arms with some of the representatives from Golley Slater to continue the conversation. Though the presentation was very interesting and informative, the discussions and conversations at the pub will have a much more long-lasting effect. The ability to have a more personal conversation with some of the people created a more permanent learned experience, in the setting, they were able to expand on some points from their presentation but I was also able to engage in a more personal way and create deeper links.

At the pub, we chatted away for a couple of hours about many things, from politics to music. I will say that I had a great time visiting Golley Slater and I am very grateful they invited us to come this year.


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