Business at the Pub

I find interesting how much time the British spend time at the pub. I understand that their homes are a lot smaller than those found in the United States but still. And after going to the pub with staff from Golley Slater I wanted to find out how business and the pub connect.

A large part of the equation is what the pub stands for. The pub is not some sports bar with huge plasma screens and loud music blaring thru speakers. Rather the pub is a place where people come together and talk with one another. This has definitely been made obvious by watching all the locals sit around tables and converse. In an article by the BBC they described how the British pub is the equivalent of our coffee shops.

Another part might be the atmosphere at the pub. Usually there have been only one or two flat screens in the pub. And the only thing making a big ruckus are the “Fruit” machines. Those are the tall machines that light up like crazy and are just like the slots in Las Vegas. So, the pub is very distraction free and provide wonderful places for people to come and talk. In my opinion they are the next closest thing to a library for meeting up with people and talking.

One thing to consider is the history behind them. Pubs have been around hundreds of years and are embedded in the blood of the UK. When you have generations of people coming through and passing that tradition down to the children it is going to stick. That’s why I think the British are so used to the pub, they are following in their ancestors footprints (and quite possibly their spilled beers).

Cardiff Bay, doesn’t look too healthy in my opnion
Caravanning at the yacht club

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