Cardiff: An Overview

By: Emily Lovasz

After five seemingly short days in Cardiff, Wales, our group is heading off to Dublin! But first, I wanted to look back at our five days and all of the things we did. From eating some of the most delicious food to visiting an advertising agency, taking a tour of a castle to taking in the nightlife, here are some of the best pictures I took from this leg of the trip.

DAY 1 & 2

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On day one in Cardiff, we dropped off our stuff at our hotel, which was right in the main downtown area. It was great to be so close to all of the shops, restaurants and pubs. Our group walked around the city and saw what it had to offer. At the start of day two, we went to Bill’s for breakfast and I ordered banana pancakes. They had a small store where you could take home oatmeal, jams and other condiments. I picked up four small jars of different flavored jam to try on my toast. After breakfast, we began our unintentional 16 mile walk around Cardiff Bay. Rohan and I split from the group right before dinner to indulge in take-out Chinese food, which we enjoyed in Penarth, the small town across the bay from our hotel. After our long walk, a group of us walked around at night and explored what the town had to offer. We stopped at Brewhouse where they had a live band and then we went to a few other pubs after.


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Day three of our trip to Cardiff started with breakfast at Coffee Barker. I ordered a Nutella latte (best thing I have had so far on this trip) and an egg and bacon sandwich. After breakfast, we walked down the street to Cardiff Castle where I was able to capture some of the history of the city through my camera. After our trip to the castle Bridget and I took to the shops were I splurged and bought some European style clothes to add to my wardrobe. Later that night our group took another trip down to Mermaid Quay on the bay (this time it was only a mile walk because we went the right way) and ate dinner at Salt where I had fish and chips while looking out at the bay. Our night ended with a photoshoot in a plaza on the way back to our hotel.

DAY 4 & 5

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On day four in Cardiff we started at Cardiff University with a lecture by Anthony O’Shaugnessey. After the lecture, Bridget and I finished up shopping and then met the entire group for lunch at Viva Brazil, an all you can eat steakhouse. We stuffed ourselves with so much food we almost had to crawl back across the street to the hotel. On our last day, I got up early to run with Chris in Bute Park. It was cooler in the morning and the trails were scenic and completely different than East Lansing. After our morning run, we indulged in a traditional English breakfast at the pub across the street from our hotel. In the afternoon we visited the advertising agency Golley Slater. We listened to a lecture from some of the employees there and then they took us our for drinks at a pub. It was interesting to talk to them about what they do at the agency and living in Cardiff. Our final dinner in Cardiff was at a family owned Italian restaurant where I had pasta with salmon. Even after eating too much, the seven of us stopped to get gelato on the way back to the hotel.
After five amazing days of sightseeing in Cardiff, we are off to Dublin!

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