Cardiff Castle

by Malaika Allen

We arrived in Cardiff, Wales on Friday and have been living our best tourist life ever since.

On Sunday, we visited Cardiff Castle. The castle was huge and we were able to climb all the way to the top (which was not the easiest task). The stairs were uneven, steep, and small all at the same time. (I have no idea how knights could run up and down those in armor) So, I almost tripped multiple times while going slower than molasses.

Inside the castle walls was also a mansion, which was BEAUTIFUL! The rooms throughout the castle were breathe taking. (we were only able to see a few, but I can only imagine how the rest might have looked) There were a ton of details, especially when you looked up at the ceilings and at the décor around the fireplaces.

Surrounding the castle were tunnels used during World War 2 for safety during battles. This had to be the most interesting part of the castle, because walking through you could get a sense of how uncomfortable and cramped the area might have been during that time period. On the walls, there were posters that served as reminders to do different things, such as covering ones mouth when they sneezed. It seems like a small thing, but during that time a simple cold could be a very dangerous thing, especially when they had limited resources. We were able to see their bunk beds, which lined some of the walls, and their cooking area.

There was a ton of history to see in this one area, but it was amazing to see how it was used over the years for multiple historical events.

P.S. This castle was also the location of the 2014 NATO Summit.

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