Castles, Night life, and Ad Agencies, Oh my!

An overview of this weekends highlights– By: Bridget Bartos

As my last day in Cardiff comes to a close, here are my favorite parts of the trip:

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Cardiff Castle this weekend. The views were beautiful and full of history. My favorite part was the oldest section in the middle, where you can see the whole city. This castle also had a moat, which was something I dreamed of having as a child. We also saw the inside of some of the newer sections of the castle, which were extravagant. Each place we visit, my desire to be royal becomes deeper.

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The night life in Cardiff was another great aspect of our weekend! Having two free days allowed us to do more during the day and at night. The town may seem quaint during the day, but when night-time rolls around, so do the people! The streets were bumping with music and an obscene amount of bachelorette parties. Brewhouse was one of many pubs that we explored!

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We also had some nighttime exploring of Cardiff Bay and Mermaid Quay. This was hilarious, as the restaurant our group traveled to literally ran out of food, but we embraced it for a good time and a happy boat ride.

A fun adventure we had today was visiting the advertising agency Golley Slater. Getting to talk to the different departments first hand was an experience I will never forget. Maybe I will be fortunate enough to work here or in a similar place one day!


Tomorrow, we’re off to Dublin!

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