Communication in Cardiff

By: Ryan Gilbert

Today we visited the Golley Slater Advertising Agency in Cardiff. This was very exciting for me because while other speakers we have listened to were about media or journalism, this was more about the business side of advertising which is right down my alley. We all felt so welcomed as soon as we walked in the door and were even extended an American classic of Coca Cola and also a local treat called Welsh Cakes. They then took around an hour and a half to present a little bit about what they do there. There were three people presenting; the Directing Manager (DM), a Media Planner, and a member of the Public Relations team. Each position somehow appealed to all the majors on the trip, the media and information students learned from the media planner, the journalists from the PR member, and the advertising students from the DM.

GS 1

They were even so gracious to take some of their valuable time and take us to their favorite local pub afterwards to continue taking any questions we had.


Today made an impact on my education in big ways. For example, lately I’ve been worried I might have to consider taking creative classes or learn how to use photoshop/adobe suite. But I brought it up to Mike the Directing Manager when I got some one on one time at the pub and he said to stay focused on what I want to do, because other people can focus on the creating, but they still need the strategy and business mindset I can provide.

Overall Cardiff has been a great city to visit. I’m glad we got to experience a town that’s smaller than London, but has just as much pride in their history and accomplishments. The people here are so welcoming and care about everyone, even the loud Americans. I can’t wait for the rest of the trip, but I have a feeling Cardiff will be in the back of my mind the whole time.


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