Golley Slater

Golley Slater -Anastasia Niforos

Today I was able to visit an awesome advertising agency that goes by the name of Golley Slater. It was quite the experience and I was able to learn about the different roles that are associated with the advertising world. Much of it had to do with media, public relations, social media, and creativity. We were able to meet Mike Leeson who is the Managing Director, Jacob Mussa an Account Manager and Lizzy Roberts a Public Relations manager. Each of them plays a specific part in making the magic happen and they gave us an insight of what their roles pertain.

Advertising is about persuasion and it happens to be an art, not a science. There are roles within the agency that include client service, market research, planning, creative services and media. Each is important and each is what makes an advertisement work. You need every part in order for the whole thing to function. As managing director, Leeson oversees this and makes sure everything is running smoothly. Each role must do their job in order for everything to function properly.

Public Relations is about reputation. It’s the result of what you do, say and what others say about you. As the public relations manager, Roberts runs media relations, social media, photography, videography, and event and stunt planning. This is anything from case studies, creating content plans, press photography to accompany new releases and providing bigger budget campaigns. Each is important in ensuring that the advertisement is getting the attention it needs.

Media is planning, buying and managing the different platforms that adverts appear on. This includes print, social media, radio, television, Google, programmatic, etc. As the account manager, Hussa runs the media department and there is much that goes into his job. A day in the life looks much like this: first is a client brief, then a team meeting where there is thinking, planning tools and research, next comes the media plan and once everything looks good with that the client signs off, then there is targeting, reporting, optimization, final evaluation, EOC presentation, learnings and last but not least a party! There’s a ton of steps that go into this process, but when everything works the ending results are great. He also works with Programmatic advertising which is a highly targeted and intelligent mechanism for buying digital ad inventory across the internet.

Learning about these specific roles was extremely informative because I didn’t realize the amount of work and people that it takes to produce ads or advertising. This opportunity to meet with Mike Leeson, Jacob Hussa, and Lizzy Roberts was something I will never forget and I cannot wait to take the knowledge they taught me into the workplace.


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