That is how real world works

In the last day of Cardiff, we are be invited to visit Golley Slater, award winning marketing communications agency in Cardiff. With the introductions and presentations from people from Golley Slater, I have a clearer view of how does a media agency works in the real world.

Unlike when we do our project in school, the production process in real media agency is more complex than I thought. One thing is that all different departments must to work with cooperation. The planning with client, the brain storming of ideas, the producing in the studio and the maintenance of public relations, all of them work as gears in machine. And we are just a tiny gear in this huge program. Every second advertisement we watch on TV, are the masterpieces of all media workers who works behind.


Today is our last day in Wales, and I have to say I like this seaside town more than the first time when I arrived here. Unlike the London’s cultural diversity, Cardiff is the town with the pure style of Wales. People are sitting in the pubs, chatting in the cafe and having a good time with friends in Walsh restaurant. Meanwhile, people from everywhere else around the world get off the train and begin their exploration of this new place. With the centuries of history, Cardiff has it own past and it still waiting more people to find it.



Tomorrow, we will fly to Dublin, the capital of Ireland. I wonder what is new awaits.

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