The UK is Delicious

Cardiff Friday’s- By: Tiara Terry

Before traveling abroad, I knew that food was one of the things that I was excited for while traveling in the UK. I was a bit nervous because Troy told us that the meal portions were quite small and that restaurants do not offer free refills. I also did not know what types of foods to expect to eat while in the UK.

Thus far, those things couldn’t be much farther from the truth. The UK actually offers huge proportions for most of their meals. Every time I eat out, I find it hard to finish all of my food, unlike back at home. Most restaurants do not offer free refills but I have ran into a few restaurants that offers endless refills for fountain drinks only.

The thing that has disappointed me the most is the fact that, at most restaurants, entrees are full price, but do not include sides within the price. In America, $10-12 will include the entree AND two sides.

bar wings
Missoulas Cardiff- By: Tiara Terry

What I do love about restaurants in the UK is that the menus offer a variety of foods at different price ranges. Today I ordered six chicken wings from Missoulas for $2.75. America doesn’t offer that good of a deal. An average meal here is about $15 which is not  bad. I also like that the restaurants that we have been to have not been crowded. The service over here is very quick. I honestly have not had a bad meal since I’ve been in the UK and I am very shocked and satisfied.

Pancs- By: Tiara Terry

Unfortunately, I have not been able to try foods that differ from America. I expected the UK to have a totally different menu to offer than I was expecting. The meal that I had that was most different from America was a Panc, which is a rolled up breakfast pastry that serves as a pancake. It was very different and quite delicious. I hope to find some other foods and desserts to try to fully complete my trip. Scones and crumpets are very cliche, but they are definitely on my list of things to try.


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