You’ll Never Believe What Happened After We Crossed the Bridge

Spoiler: We walked 11 miles — By: Bridget Bartos

Our first morning in Cardiff was a relaxing one, as we were finally were able to catch up on sleep after our long day of traveling and nights out. After a quick shower, Emily and I met Anastasia, Courtney, Trevor, Ryan, and Rohan for breakfast and shopping. The breakfast place, Bill’s, was ADORABLE! The waitresses were so kind, and everything had a tea-room-vibe to it. Here I enjoyed my favorite meal, avocado toast with eggs.

2018-06-02 12:27:46.881
The Set Up
The fanciest toast on the block

After eating, we began to shop around the side streets and markets. All of the clothing here is so fun and preppy, I love it.

At some point, we changed our path from wanting to shop to wanting to visit Cardiff Bay.    We started our walk out happily (and not in the proper attire for the adventure ahead).

We started by crossing the bridge near our hotel (BIG mistake, HUGE) where Rohan flew his drone. Even though the birds nearly took it down, somehow it survived (and got beautiful pictures).

Pre 11 mile walk

After the bridge we started to get hot, but morale was high. The path then lead us through trails near the water. In the calming breeze we began to chat about our futures and aspirations, getting to know each other really well.

I think my favorite part of the adventure was the talks that we had amongst ourselves. I absolutely loved getting to know everyone more than before. The people on this trip are amazing, and it is crazy to think that I would not have even met them without this. I highly recommend study abroad to anyone and everyone.

Continuing the adventure, we now were getting a little confused about the direction we were headed. The map said that the bay was about a mile away, and we had walked at LEAST 3. Suddenly we turned to our left and BOOM, there was our destination…..allllll the way across the river.

We were both confused and slightly annoyed, as we had already walked too far to give up. We saw a few bridges ahead and made the decision to keep pushing forwards to our goal.

We kept going and going until we came across what we thought was a shortcut through a marina. We were wrong, and actually couldn’t get to the other side of the marina. We turned around and headed back the long way, only slightly defeated.

We passed a huge indoor pool and a white water rafting training  center on the way, and even stumbled upon Tesco where we got water and popsicles for the whole gang. After Tesco, we were CLOSE!

We walked through the city of Penarth, the back into Cardiff. After crossing a bridge, we MADE IT to the bay.

BUT, the bay was only half the battle; now we had to walk home. At this point, everyone started sharing funny stories and we all got some good laughs. On the way we passed a ceremony for the queens anniversary of coming into reign, and lots of fun restaurants!

Luckily on this walk, the views were fantastic. Besides wearing long sleeves and , I cannot complain about the adventure.

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