Day ‘N’ Night

by Malaika Allen

Cardiff was a completely different area than London. We noticed it almost as soon as we arrived. Our hotel was located in Downtown, which had a ton of food places, clubs, and stores down the main and side streets. What more could college students ask for?

The city was smaller and had less people trying to run you over for walking a little too slow. In fact the people were all around much nicer and more polite.

During the day the strip was filled with laughter and people enjoying their free time. The stores were full of shoppers and almost every restaurant had a decent amount of customers. It was beautiful and looked like a scene from a movie! Everything sort of flowed, the streets were clean even though some of the trash cans were overflowing (Everything was calm and controlled).

Now at night time, this busy strip was buzzing in a completely different way. The nightlight in Cardiff consisted of clubs and fast food places that did not close until the crack of dawn (literally … some of the places closed at 6am)! The once clean streets were filled with trash and food from partiers. Almost every person out was heavily intoxicated and it was business as usual in the area. Police were at all the food places still open throughout the night, but no one tried to do anything belligerent. Everyone was in great mood and remained respectful, despite barely being able to walk without stumbling.

The next morning workers were back out to clean the strip and prepare for the influx of shoppers the area was set to receive that day. It was interesting to see how this same strip changed at night and was back to business-as-usual by the next morning as if nothing had ever happened.

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