Goodbye Cardiff


After spending five days in Cardiff, it’s time to say good-bye pal or “cheers” as I keep hearing. I spent my last day in Cardiff visiting a museum that was all about Cardiff. I had a choice between the National Museum of Wales or the Cardiff Story Museum, looking for something more interesting, my classmates and I chose Cardiff Story Museum. The museum was filled with historical facts of how the city has changed over the years. In each part of the museum a different story was told or how the city became or has become over the years. Dated back to times during the 1700, I was able to learn the timelines of housing, schools, wartimes and how the city has battled with hardships over the hundreds of years. The Story Museum was very hands-on. My classmates and I created our own version of Cardiff with different building blocks of buildings, land, flats, stores, museums, ect. +2yUwVdXTlqiT0QB+92twA.jpg

I would recommend this museum to anyone looking for history with creativity and fun.  3lhblSeiROaAXvetA+6JVQ.jpg

After the museum we headed over to an advertising company next door called Golley Slater. The agency did media, marketing and PR. This class was most interesting because, I was able to take something from it and I don’t mean the free drinks that came at the end, *winks*. The agency and the great people we met gave us much insight and advice about working in Advertising.  We learned about the different ways of programming through social media, the many aspects of media as a whole, how marketing works, crisis management with media relations and much more. Adding to all of that, the company treated us to drinks at the Pub. While drinking beers and wine, I was able to engage in small talk with the professionals and receive great advice. A perfect way to end this week’s trip. The people were amazing and the drinks were just a bonus. This company opened up my eyes to different spectrums of what I can do with my career in Journalism. Becoming inspired is something I long for when visiting companies and here, I found that. Oh yeah, I also got to take “album covers” of my classmates and they are pretty funny.

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