One night in Cardiff

Honestly, I am not that kind of person who will like the bar or club. In my opinion, they are all noisy and full of dazzling light, and if I want to get a shot, I would instead find a quiet place with light music. While John and I walked through the street in the morning, he said he liked this place because it is pretty quiet. However, when the night comes, I don’t know does he still keep that mind.

After finishing work on the hotel’s downstairs, I went out and tried to get something to drink. Then I found the quiet street in the daytime has changed to a vibrant and lively party street. Girls were in hot costume, and everyone was shouting and laughing. There were also many couples hug and kissed each other on the street. The music was playing aloud, and all the light twinkled. And it seems the alcohol drives everyone crazy, every time I holed up the camera, people shutting and ask I take photos for them. Some girl asked me to keep these photos and set them as my wallpaper (Sorry I am also drunk, so it is dim).
I find a quieter place, got a cup of apple cider for 2 pounds and watch the people passed through the street. There are also many people like me who want the quiet environment to enjoy themselves. That’s why I love this place; you can join the crazy party with your love or your friends for the whole night, and also easy to find a silent place to think about your own thing. That’s the Cardiff, a lively city that you can experience whatever lifestyle you want.

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