A Long Day In the City

By: Emily Lovasz

Our first two days in Dublin have flown by! Today we took a tour of the Kilmainham Gaol, the oldest prison in Dublin. After, we took a rid on the hop-on hop-off bus tour and visited the Guinness Factory. The second day was full of seeing sites around the city, however, the most memorable thing so far was walking around the city on our first day.

After walking down O’Connell Street, the busiest street in Dublin, and eating lunch, Rohan, Tiara and I walked around the Temple Bar area. This area of the city is known for its famous pubs and lively night scene. After Temple Bar, we walked over to Grafton Street (yes, the street name mentioned in Ed Sheeran’s song “Galway Girl”). This street isn’t really a street for cars to walk down, but a large walkway for hundreds of people to window shop and eat.


Across from Grafton Street was a large archway that led to St Stephen’s Green Park. The green space is like a small oasis in the narrow and crowded streets of Dublin. Walking around the park, there were open areas of grass, but it was filled with groups of people sitting and talking, having picnics or just laying in the sun. We have been very fortunate with the weather so far on our trip. Normally, the UK and Ireland are rainy and colder, but so far we have had endless sun and hot weather. Everyone in the park was taking advantage of the beautiful weather and spending time with friends and family.

Finishing our walk through the park, the sun was beginning to go down and I was able to  capture some beautiful pictures of the pond.

After the park, we walked to eat at Umi, a falafel restaurant, and then we visited the most Instagramable spot in Dublin, the street with the colorful umbrellas. Later in the night we met up with the rest of the group to go back to the Temple Bar area to check out some of the pubs. The pub we ended up at, Merchant’s Arch, had two musicians, one playing a banjo and the other playing guitar, that filled the bar with music. We even had the chance to hear them play traditional Irish music. I would say so far Ireland has been living up to my expectations.


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