Best place for dating

After getting up at 4 A.M and took a flight for 1 hour, we finally arrived the capital of Ireland, Dublin. When I think about Ireland, something will jump out in my mind, like potato, ghost, and poem of William Butler Yeats. I studied the Ireland literature last year. Thanks to Professor Smith’s recommendation, I am now a crazy amateur of Yeats’s poem and his story of chasing his love for whole life using the poem.
Dublin does not give me any big surprised when we landed. It is just kind like a regular British city, narrow road, old building, and church, tons of unique bars and restaurant. These are not fresh anymore for me since Dublin is the third cities we arrive. But then I find an excellent place for lovers which British other towns do not have.

The St Stephen Green is one of the third best places in my dating place list if I have a girlfriend. (The first and the Seconde are the Tokyo Tower at 10 P.M. and Tanabata Festival of Nara). The weather in the whole British should be wet and rainy in this season, but during our trip, the weather is always sunny and beautiful. There are tons of couples of lovers dated in the sunshine. They kissed and hugged each other on the chairs and grassland. It is very fantastic that the park crowded with people, but it seems they do these in their world, without any bothers. I was wondering why I came to this place alone precisely.

Dublin is still a beautiful city, and I pretty interest in its history and culture, hope I can find out more exciting thing in the next three days.

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