The Book of Kells

This morning I got on the “hop on hop off” bus with one destination in mind, Trinity College. After looking over our schedule for Dublin I realized our tour had been cut out. With that in mind I decided to go there myself and see the Book of Kells. The book is an ancient book telling the four the four gospels of Jesus’ life. All of the pages are highly decorated and were written by four scribes. The scribes are not known, at least not yet. The book is from the 9th century, and has been described as Ireland’s greatest cultural artifact. And in the eyes of historians it is the greatest medieval manuscript.

In the museum there were many facts about the book that I was unaware of. The biggest being the book was moved to Ireland to protect it from the vikings! The book was donated to Trinity College in the 17th century by Bishop Henry Jones. The book has been at the college since the 17th century and went on display in the 19th century. Another interesting thing about the book was how the scribes covered their mistakes. Sometimes they would draw circles on the letter and continue on with the rest of the word. There were also times were they would draw beautiful characters on top of the mistake and leave it like that. Not only was their four scribes, but there were at least half a dozen inks used to produce the book. Only of the writing was done by quills and ink. The book also had been stripped of the gold that was on front of it. Then lastly the original binding is no longer with the book, curators believe that the binding was made from wood.

Seemed like a knock off of the Pont des Arts before it’s removal
The long room at Trinity College

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