The Irish Experience

Ireland bridge
River Liffey- By: Tiara Terry

The first day in Ireland was like a dream! This has by far been my favorite place. The scenery is just so beautiful and peaceful. It’s interesting to me that Ireland seems to be a mix between London and Cardiff. It is a bit fast paced, all about public transportation and is a bit of a bigger town such as London. The people are a lot more friendlier, are not in a rush and the architect and scenery are more so like Cardiff.

The first thing we did was eat at a restaurant called SoMa. The food was good, besides the pancakes being a bit dry, but I can say they had the best syrup that I have ever tasted.

Next, we went to check into our apartments. I was blown away by how nice they were! The other two places that we stayed in, in London and Cardiff were a bit more lower quality and much harder to function in. SoCity is the complete opposite! The apartment is spacious, includes all amenities and is very modern.

Ireland bakery
KC Peaches- By: Tiara Terry

After a long day of traveling, most people decided to take naps. Well, Emily, Rohan and myself decided to explore the city a bit more. While enjoying the town, we stopped and got some pretty cool souvenirs for cheap at at place called Carrolls. From there, we decided to satisfy our sweet tooth by stopping by a bakery shop called KC Peaches. They had a variety of desserts, it was hard to choose. I decided to go for the toffee Oreo cupcake.

As we continued to explore the town, we ended up running into St. Stephen’s Green park. We decided to check it out, and let me tell you, it was the best decision we made this day. Our inner photographers came out and we captured AMAZING photos. This was the most beautiful park that I have ever been in, and I didn’t think that I would be saying this after visiting Hyde Park in London.

Ireland park
St. Stephen’s Greens Park- By: Tiara Terry

St. Stephen’s Green park took the cake because it was very peaceful. The scenery was breath taking. There were many lakes, wildlife and was very well up kept. The park is very hospitable. There were hundreds of people out there just sitting in the grass with friends and family and had no issue with others sitting close by. People actually used the park for social purposes and it was a shock to me. Americans don’t really enjoy sitting in the grass, going to parks for hangouts or sharing spaces tight spaces with others. It was just beautiful! We wanted to stay for hours but we got hungry!

We headed to get food, and then met up with the others in the group at an Irish pub. I’ll tell you more about the Ireland night life in a future post. Stay tuned!

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