A Castle, A Church, & A Distillery

by Malaika Allen

Today was a very busy day in Dublin. We started our day by walking over to Dublin Castle. The middle consisted of a huge courtyard, but the interior was even more breathe taking. Sadly, we were only able to tour a few room, but the details put into the interior were remarkable. Some of the objects in this castle were fit for a giant (literally). There was a giant throne and a huge hall, where dinner parties are often held for those in government.

From there we moved on to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which was packed! The walls included names of those who have passed on and taught a lot of information. There were also tons of stain glass windows, which each depicted important moments throughout the Catholic religion.

We then walked over to Trinity College, which was basically just a library. It was tiny, so I did not stay long. Interesting enough, it did house ‘The Book of Kells‘, which dates all the way back to 800AD. So, that seems like something to check out one day (when the book is on some interesting pages).

Our adventures for the day ended at the Jameson Distillery. This tour was one of the best I have ever experienced! They kept it short and sweet. They basically projected a history of the company and also their process to creating their Irish Whiskey. This tour also included a tasting, which compared the Jameson, an American whiskey, and a Scottish one as well. You could taste the difference, the triple distilled Jameson was much smoother than its competitors.

Today was a pretty adventurous day and ended up a group potluck. The menu consisted of a bunch of dishes that didn’t seem to go together, but actually worked well.

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