A Grand Tour of Jameson

By Trevor Klaus

Ireland is mainly known for three things: Bar fights, Conor McGregor, and good booze. Over the last few days I have gotten to experience how the country appreciates the latter of the three. Yesterday, I toured the Guinness brewery with the lads and the lasses, and today it was Jameson Whiskey whose turn was up. The distillery, founded in 1780, is one of the main distilleries for the whiskey brand, and houses lots of history regarding the whiskey.

While the history brought up about the brand by tour guide Molly was certainly interesting and supplemented the experience well, it was certainly not the main reason we came to the distillery. No no no, this was about trying a selection of whiskeys and having a good time. After going through the tour, we were finally able to taste exactly what we had been learning about.


The tour group were each given three shot glasses and some water as we entered the room to taste some whiskeys. The middle and most prominent glass of course contained Jameson original, while the other two contained Johnny Walker Black Label, and Jack Daniels respectively. While all of the whiskeys were delicious, the Jack Daniels to me was considerably further behind the other two in terms of overall enjoyment level. Afterwards, I was able to pick up a Jameson branded polo, which excites me greatly, as I love polo shirts. The free drink that was received from the bar as a result of going on the tour was also greatly appreciated, and it was very refreshing (I believe it was a ginger and lime mixer).

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