Day Three in Dublin: How Touristy Can You Get?

By: Bridget Bartos

I can’t believe it’s already our third day in Dublin!

After an early turn in last night, we were up and adam this morning. Courtney, Anastasia and I stopped and got croissants for breakfast before meeting the group at Dublin Castle. For the first time in awhile, everyone was actually well rested for our adventure, so it was really enjoyable to just go out and take in the beauty of Ireland’s history.

The castle was jam packed with historical architecture and gorgeous decor. I felt like I could move in right now and live the lavish life of my dreams there.

What I found interesting was the amount of art that they had throughout the building. Some of the walls were covered in paintings, both new and old. The best part though, was the lavish blue room at the end. It was huge, and the walls were full of crests from families in Ireland.

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After this, we headed towards St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I remember learning about this at Holy Family when I was really little, so seeing it in real life was really special. They even had some cool built in activities for you to do while walking around the church, including looking for your ancestors that passed away in the rebellions, and doing some brass rubbings of historical figures. I even got to light a candle for my great grandma Bridget, which meant a ton to me since she was from Ireland. Besides the meaning behind it, the church was amazing, and full of artwork and history.

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After this, we took a walk to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells, which was so wild. The book dates back to about 800 ad, and is a latin translation of the four Gospels of Jesus’s life full of color and light. It was amazing to finally see it, as my Grandma has been talking about me seeing it before. Although you couldn’t take pictures, it was pretty cool just getting to take in the experience. We did get to take pictures of the old library and the oldest harp of Ireland though.

Our last stop today was Jameson, which pf course was fun. The tour began (and ended) in a bar area, where everyone would just hang out and get some drinks. It was really vibey though, and I enjoyed the young atmosphere. When the  tour began we went upstairs to begin the tour. The whole thing was interactive, as we learned how the drink is malted and distilled. After this we had a tasting, comparing Jameson to Americana and Scottish whiskey. They all were nasty, but Jameson was drastically better.

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