From Hell to Heaven

As I said yesterday, I always have a keen interest in Ireland history. The first time I learn about Irish Independent history was when I watched The Foreigner from Jackie Chen last year. I did not even understand the meaning of this film and the purpose of character before I search a little bit story about this history(And the Irish accent tortures my listening skill during the whole movie). So the trip of Kilmainham Gaol is pretty attractive for me.

When I step on the stair of jail, cold wind with some iron smell blow on my face. Watched the narrow hallway and dirty stone wall, the environment there had already made me a little bit depressed. When we visited the prison, volunteer talked about the story about Irish dependent. The beginning was Great Famine of Ireland. The proximate cause of famine was potato blight.  One-third of the Irish population was dependent on the potato. Nearly 1/4 Irish people died or moved because of this disease. The English did nothing to help but exported lots of grain to Ireland which made this disease worse. From that on, the Irish people begin to fight for their freedom. There were many heroes died in this prison. It is solemn and stirring to hear their story. The jail used to imprison 10 thousand people including women and child(The youngest prisoner is a 5-year-old boy).


In the afternoon, we visited the Guinness Storehouse. Guinness is much more famous for Guinness World Records nowadays, but it’s a beer company. I studied the process of making the beer and then headed to the top floor. Getting a free black beer and watching the whole of Dublin, a complicated feeling filled in my mind. It kind of like we just passed through the hell in the morning and then enjoyed the world’s most tasted beer on the top of Dublin. It reminds me the people died in Kilmainham Gaol. They choose to sacrifice the freedom of body to fight for the freedom of the soul. Thanks to these heroes, we can enjoy both freedoms at the same time nowadays.


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