Getting jiggy at Jameson

Getting jiggy at Jameson -Anastasia Niforos

Dublin has not ceased to amaze me and to add another to list is the one and only Jameson Distillery. All of my friends told me I needed to go and they sure were right. The entire experience is not only educational but enjoyable. When you first walk into the main entrance natural sunlight shines through the skylight. Chandler’s made from Jameson bottles hang from the ceilings and barrels with the logo are scattered along the walls. Bars are placed all over the room and Jameson bottles are seen on every corner. The entire vibe of the place is relaxed and effortless. The entire place was crowded, but I felt like I was floating on a cloud because of the way the distillery made me feel. I was in awe by the whole design of the place that I never wanted to leave.

Eventually, we were led on the tour and this is where the real fun started. First, we were all placed in a small room where our guide explained the history of Jameson and how it all began. She was lively and told the story in such a powerful way that I was in a trance. As she told the story, a visual was played on a circular black table. As she spoke I could actually see what she was explaining and I really enjoyed that.

Then we went to another room where it showed how Jameson was made. There were several different interactive tables spread around the room that we stood by. On the tables were the words “Distillation,” “Malting,” and “Maturation.” We were able to see and smell what ingredients went into making Jameson what it is. I was able to feel the malted and unmalted barley and smell column still, pot still and bourbon.

For our last stop of the tour, we were placed in the tasting room. This is where we were able to taste Jameson and compare it to scotch and American whiskey. When I first tasted the Jameson it was rough. Chills ran all over my body and I could feel the spicy bitter taste in my mouth. I then tasted the scotch and American whiskey felt the same feeling. When I tasted all three again, I reacted differently. The Jameson went down a lot smoother the second time and the chills didn’t come. Although with the scotch and American whiskey they did. I guess I liked Jameson the most.

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