I appreciate the work, not the taste.

Alcohol such as beer, wine or whiskey to me is in a place of love and hate. On the one hand, I appreciate its work, the process of producing alcohol is full of precision craftsmanship and complex processes, and it also represents the history of certain culture. On the other hand, I really cannot accept the taste of those alcohols, neither wine nor beer nor others like Whiskey. And recent alcohol factory tours, deepened my impression of alcohol.

In recent two days, we went to Guinness Storehouse and Jameson Distillery Bow St. to understand the way of tasting those drinks and the history behind them. Both Guinness beer and Jameson whiskey have complicated production processes. From material selection, brewing, storage to transporting, selling and tasting, all of steps are very elegant. But these two tours have difference. Guinness is a self-guide tour which give visitors a breve view of its entire enterprise. However, the tour of Jameson gave us a leading tour which concentrated more on the tasting. surprisingly, both tours have tasting process and free cup of their product with our tickets. I wonder how many people just come for the free tasting.


For the Guinness beer, that was not too bad to me. At the tasting room, we all got a shot of beer for free. With instruction, we observed the color of Guinness beer, which is not actually black but is dark brown. Then we drank it as once. Before I swallowed it, I let beer went through of my tongue to get the taste of this. It was little bit sweet, little bit taste of barley and some of bitter. Somehow, I understand a little bit of why people love to drink, but still, that was not my favorite.

On the other hand, I got tears from the whiskey‘s spicy in today’s tasting tour of Jameson. After the detailed introduction of how did Jameson whiskey produced, and the introducer did really good job with the fascinating display media, we were been lead to a room of tasting, where each place has three shots of different whiskey, and glass of water. In the spirit of daring to try new things, I gave a shot, then I regretted. It was like a bomb with spicy and tongue-numbing exploded inside of mouth. I was the only one who coughed after drinking and that was embarrassing.


With these tours, I learned more about the culture behind these alcoholic masterpieces. But still,  I appreciate its work, but I can’t appreciate its taste.

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