Improving the Dublin Castle


Today we visited the Dublin Castle, one of Ireland’s greatest treasures. The place has been visited by royals for centuries and is still used for ceremonies. Every seven years when a new president is inaugurated they have a gala at the castle in the blue ballroom. The castle was filled with art and had plaster work that looked Michelangelo carved it himself. They had artifacts going back to World War One and later. The castle is definitely a must see for any tourist coming to Dublin.

However, there was one large problem regarding the castle museum, the lack of information. During the beginning of our self guided tour we are seeing signs all around us talking about the country of Georgia. Then on top of that they have some of the Georgian dress wear that was from the time of the castle. This was all very interesting and so historic, but it didn’t add up.

In the castle there seemed to be no mention of this exhibit being on loan to the castle. So the entire time I am walking around the place I am thinking that Royals from Georgia must have built this place. I am not trying to tell the castle how to advertise but, they need to make it more clear that it is not a permanent exhibit.

Not that it has to relate, but on the description of the exhibit online there is no mention of the connection. Maybe I am holding a grudge towards something that is stupid. What I think though is that I am going to being helping thousands if the museum reads this and puts up more explanations of the exhibit.

Another tour about booze, this time at Jameson’s 
Hard to believe that this church was a horse stable

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