Showdown: Jameson v. Guinness tours


In Dublin, we’ve visited both the Guinness Brewery and Jameson Distillery. The tours were very educational; and as an added bonus, very fun! At Guinness, they had a self-guided tour that went through multiple floors covering their ingredients and brewing process, a small part about their history and their marketing/advertising through the years, and their main focus was on tasting and how to properly pour a Guinness. In those key portions of the tour, they taught you the proper process for drinking/tasting your Guinness (there is a specific way to do it) as well as how to properly pour a Guinness (again, a very certain way to do it). Though this was fun, the self-guided nature of the tour meant it lacked as much of the historical info about the product, it was far more focused on getting you to enjoy the drink.

Opposed to that, the Jameson tour was far more in-depth with their history, brewing process, and the nature of their product. This tour had an actual guide that took you through an audio/visual tour of the history of Jameson from founding to current day, an exhibit where you interacted with the ingredients by holding and smelling them (if you were bold enough you could taste them as well), and ended with a tasting where the guide compared the difference between Jameson Irish Whiskey, American Whiskey, and a Scottish Scotch.


The two tours are difficult to compare, not because they are for completely different products, but because they are set up for different people and more importantly, a different amount of people. Guinness is a massive facility meant to shuffle tons of people through a self-guided tour to keep things moving quickly and avoid large lines for tours; whereas Jameson is a smaller building and the tour is designed for fewer people to move through and gives you a much more engaging and in-depth view of the history of the company. Both are a very enjoyable time, and if you are ever in Dublin I highly suggest you attend both, but if you only have time for one the Jameson Tour is the way to go!

Showdown: Jameson v. Guinness tours – By: Jacob McDowell


Bonus: We did a little historical photo Recreation at Dublin Castle


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