Brew me up a tall glass!

I’ve fallen involve with Dublin, Ireland and I had no idea that I would. The history here is endless and the city is full of fun creative things to. On Day 2 of visiting Ireland, my group visited Guinness Brewery! I’m more of a wine and “on the rocks” type of girl, so I was a bit hesitate to visit here but I am so glad that I did! The Guinness self-guided tour was a fun experience and I got to learn more about beer than I ever imagined I would. IMG_5378

There was a massive pool of wheats grains, a distilled water fall and a host of activities to keep a person like me interested! Photo booths, the fish on the bicycle, audio stations, advertisment from over the years, nitrogen bars and my favorite the Guinness Academy! I learned how to pour and top off the perfect pint!


Next stop was the infamous Jameson Distillery on Bow St. that was established in 1780! I was skeptical about this factory, but opposite of the Guinness Brewery, here it’s a guided tour and seriously it was the sweetest presentation ever! During the Jameson tour we were able to see and touch ingredients in their raw state, learn the process of how it’s made and finally, best for last we were able to try the whiskey in three different distilled ways!


I underestimated Jameson factory and the taste of the liquor. My favorite is their signature three-times distilled Whiskey! At the end of the tour we were given a tall glass of Whiskey on the rocks and were able to shop at the Jameson Bow St. Market for exclusive, only made in Ireland, whiskey and souvenirs.

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