I went to prison. Voluntarily.



For the first time ever in life, I went to prison and it was my choice. I walked in cuffs free, shackles off and in a orange suit but not how you would imagined. My orange suit was fashionable and designer, without inmate numbers on the back. After doing the Hop On, Hop Off Tour around Dublin listening to interesting facts, seeing historical buildings and sites, my classmates and I hopped off for a tour around Kilmainham Goal, a prison built in 1796 in Dublin, Ireland.

The prison housed rebellions from the Irish Civil War, children and residents who participated in small crimes such as begging on the street and voicing opinions on political rights. The prison was guarded by British troops and soldiers who believed in executions. IMG_5314.JPG

Surprisingly, this tour had so many stories of inmates and how the living conditions were. Inmates sat in silence 24-hours a day, in small rooms filled to capacity. The prison was cold, old and I’m sure there were spirits lingering from the executions in and outside of the prison walls. There was even a cell dedicated for hanging prisoners inside the prison. Many famous troops and rebellions died in this prison fighting for rights and standing for what they believed in. Our tour gave us insight of what it was like to be in prison during war times. The stories of executions stayed with me and pushed me to dig deeper for facts regarding James Connolly and Dorothy Macardle, a woman prison for drawings of politics.

I highly recommend this as a top visit to any tourist. Ireland’s history in one building.



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