Dublin’s Thriving Night Life

Merchants Arch
Merchant’s Arch- By: Tiara Terry

One thing that I love about Ireland is that their night life thrives and comes alive. When walking the streets at night, you see a lot of beautiful lights, many bars over flowing and men carrying advertisement boards on their backs.

street advetiser
Street Advertisers- By: Tiara Terry

Advertising in Ireland is a whole new world. Men were out on the streets carrying advertisement boards on their backs in promotion for bars and strip clubs. It was pretty cool. Its a great idea because the boards are sure to catch everyones attention. I love the dedication they have to promote their products/services.

A few nights ago, the crew decided to all go out. We all met up at Merchant’s Arch Bar. I was excited as in it was my first experience at an Irish pub. When you walk in, there’s a huge bar, nothing like I have ever seen. The pub was pretty crowded. It was also cool to see that they had two floors to the bar.

Going out to the bars, I was expecting more of a club atmosphere. This bar was more so for socializing. Their was a live band and people gathered around, sung along and enjoyed their drinks.

pub performers
Merchant’s Arch pub performers- By: Tiara Terry

I usually don’t care for live performers in restaurants/bars because they usually are not engaging to the crowd. This performing duo was the complete opposite. They took requests from the crowd and played a variety of tunes. I really enjoyed the crowd that night, everyone was social and sang along to the tunes being played.

What struck me was how talented these men were. They were amazingly good and I would say, definitely mastered the art of the guitar. They could sing well, and you could tell that they work very well together.

I actually didn’t mind not dancing for once. We sat, enjoyed the music and had a few drinks.

The next thing on my list is to bar hop and experience what else the Ireland night life has to offer.


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