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There is a joke about wales before I came there. When English army invaded Scotland, people in Scotland resisted really intensely and we get the story of brave heart and William Wallace. But when they invade the wales, there was no exciting story you want to hear. Since the English just knocked the door of Wales Castle and then they opened the gate by themselves. Of course, it’s just a joke but also shows us Wales may seem obscure compared to Scotland and Ireland during the history. That’s why when my family visited British last year, we went every famous place but only deleted Wales from our travel list. So this is the first time for me to visit this place. But low expectations always mean lots of surprises later during the trip.
We took a class about Journalism at the University of Cardiff on the first day. Professor Shaughnessy talked about his own story about how he became and worked as a Journalism. This job may get low payment and intense work, but he was proud of working in this area. The news and TV station in the UK are not like in American. Each family of UK pays to BBC every year. In one hand, that means BBC can put a lot of budgets on making excellent TV program Like Top Gear (I am a big fan of top gear, and it is one of my favorite TV show, not only because I have interest in car, but also they provide the exciting story, beautiful music and graceful shots to audiences). In another hand, that means the media in the UK don’t need to be controlled by the government or blinded by politics system. In China, the biggest TV station is called CCTV (China Central Television). many People don’t believe the news from CCTV because the Chinese government controls this station  completely, the news every day is kind of like ‘China is in peaceful and all other countries are living in suffering.’ But professorShaughnessy said, actually all the government in the world wants to control the media of their own country. And only journalism organizations in British and wales avoids that situation, and he is really proud about that.

On the second day,  we visited the castle the rest time was free. I got nothing need to do in that afternoon so Rohan recommended me to visit Penarth, which is a beautiful little town close to Cardiff. When I arrived there, I was shocked by the beautiful sightseeing there. It was 7 P.M. that day, the sunset ignited everywhere it shined on. The sea bank, mountain, and house were all colored in scarlet. It was so quiet and even time slows down at that time. Some flagships sailed on the peaceful sea and drew beautiful water waves. When you stood near the bay, watched the clear water reflected the colorful houses and sailing ships in silent, there is no noise but the wind and sea. It’s the haven for photography since you can create tons of beautiful pictures from the different perspectives there. I shoot a lot of photos on the top of a hill and try to use filters to emphasized the color and contrast between sky and water.


Which one are you prefer

After finishing the photography stuff. I thought this great sightseeing was worth to sit down and spend some time to enjoy it. I found a bench near the sea bank road, there was an old gentleman also sit there. We talked a little bit since sitting together in silence was pretty embarrassed. He told me the dam which connected Cardiff and Penarth was build 30 years ago. Then we talked about big political news happened these years like he thought UK should stay in EU, at least for nowadays. When I asked his opinion about Donald Trump, this gentleman hesitated for a while and then he told me he hates Trump and all the media packaged Trump as a clown in the election. Even before the night that he succeeds, all the TV news predicted the chance of Trump was pretty low. But we all know the final result. He thought Trump become president because there are many people, whose words are hidden by these media, actually support him.

I agree his opinion (I will not give any my idea about Donald Trump in this essay). I have traveled to many places and talked with all kinds of people like the fisherman, taxi driver, retired high school teacher and worker about Donald Trump. It is surprising that most of them support Trump to be the president. When I chatted with a fisherman in Alaska, he told me he did not like Trump as a person. However, this man still believed in Trump can recover the economy of American since he thought Trump was a successful businessman. I also know a retired high school teacher in Michigan, he voted for Trump because he believes Trump’s team can provide his brother a chance back to car factory (His brother lose job since 2008, and as I know he really returned to work last year). I believe people who hold the same idea are not a minority. So why we never see these ones’ opinions and minds on ABC or NBC news? It seems everyone around me refused to accept the truth after Trump become the president. Not only because they hate him, but also they believe in the opinion poll of NBC and ABC. I am not sure if Democratic Party controls these TV organizations, but it is clear that they were inclined to Democratic Party and Hillary when they reported the news about the presidential election. That’s why they hide the voice of underclass. These people don’t actually care about who will be the president; they only look forward someone who can lower the price of insurance or give them a job(Even this person may just talk boastfully in the front of the public and we don’t know if he can really make his promise). The American media always censures Chinese media platform for hiding the truth, but this time, they did precisely the same thing. I finally understand why the professor from Cardiff University felt so proud of their Journalism organizations. Since they try their best to avoid the political bias and report only the truth which ABC and NBC don’t achieve.

That’s the benefit of traveling around; you can not only find an unforgettable scene but also talked with different kind of person from different countries and different jobs. I don’t like Trump either since he shortens the visa for the international student, but I think ABC and NBC should introspect themselves for making such a big mistake on reporting the news. As the professor said, the Journalism should be fair-minded and never be bias for politics. We should only provide the truth to audiences, support or not support, that’s their choice, not ours. However, many journalism organizations do not always obey this essential rule as part of Journalism industry.

I have already left Wales and writing this Blog in Dublin right now. I learned a lot from this unknown place(maybe). The sightseeing is beautiful, and people are all friendly. In the daytime, it is a quiet and relaxing place. When night comes, you can join the crazy local night party with boys and girls to release your pressure. Cardiff University is also famous for urban planning and media major. If you have interest in photography and try to find a lively place to study media or Journalism. Wales is one of the best places for you.

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