Are You Real?

National Wax Museum- By: Tiara Terry

Today I had so much fun at the National Wax Museum. Before going, I was a bit hesitant on what to expect. I felt that I would know none of the wax figures on display and that I would grow bored of it. Let me tell you, it was the complete opposite!

I was originally nervous about the museum because years ago, my family and I went to the wax museum in Hollywood and it was cool, but they only had top icons on display. It was great that I knew just about every person that they had on display.

This museum starts off with some interactive science inventions/discoveries. Next, you go through a mirror maze and on the other side, you enter into the beginning of the wax museum.


What I really loved about this museum is that they told a story through the wax figures. Every section had it’s own theme. Some displays had music or commentary to go along with it. The section I enjoyed the most was the TV/Movies section displays. I was in shock with how much work the creators put into this display room. This museum also allowed for you to interact with the display sets. A great example was the Harry Potter portion. There was a broom stick on display for people to take pictures on.

My least favorited would have to be the historical section of the museum just because I am not familiar with the people from Ireland and the United Kingdom’s history. Although, the displays were just as great!

Towards the end of the museum, they offered to directions. You could choose the chambers of horror or the enchanted forest. I was too scared and opted for the enchanted forest.

I love that they had something to offer for everyone. The had the history, popular icons, TV and movies scenes for adults and children and even added a bit of horror to finish it off.

I would definitely recommend anyone who visits Ireland to check this museum out! I had so much fun with the interactive displays, and I was able to get some great photos for Instagram!

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