I Had To Do It To ‘Em, In A Stadium

By Trevor Klaus

Wow! Trevor talks about stadiums again; how original. I get it, you’re tired of hearing me yap on about how stadiums are a grand meeting place for people of ages, and cathedral for sport and music. I will appease you and skip that bullshit for this blog post. However, this time, I got to see most of the inside of the stadium, and you get to here me ramble on about it.

I know you probably don’t even care but, I got to go into some behind the scenes areas of the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, which houses both the Irish National Rugby and Football teams. Our group was taken by a guide into special areas of the stadium, such as the locker room pictured below. This locker room was cool, and I really liked the television in the locker room. It seemed nice, and still seemed operational as well. Nothing grinds my gears like an nonfunctional television, and fortunately, this television did not fit that bill.DublinLast3

We were then paraded into the press-conference room, where I realized what was truly going on. I had been bamboozled, led astray, run a muck, and deceived. I had to do it. I had to tell em that I did it to em. Not only that, but also tell em that I had to do it to em. The journalists could not really comprehend what I said, and suddenly everyone not a part of the tour group disappeared like the ending of Avengers: Infinity WarI felt no sympathy for them however, because little did they know, in fact it also needed to be done to em. And you know I had to do it to em.


Afterwards, we journeyed up into the upper tier for a picturesque view of the modern stadium, as I pondered what life would be like if I never had to do it to em.


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