Dub(getting in all my)step(s) in Dublin

No Dubstep was actually involved in this day– By: Bridget Bartos

Our last day in Dublin was grand! After a fun night out in Temple Bar area, we decided to be ultra-tourists once again.

One thing that we all felt compelled to hit was the EPIC Emigration Museum by the river. The museum is an overview of Irish history, and the struggles and success the Irish had traveling throughout the world. This is especially important to me, as my Great Grandma Bridget came to America herself to start her new life.

The museum was new and super interactive. Instead of just having us read about the history, we got to hear, see, and feel it as well. We were all so engaged throughout our time inside. Some of the highlights were definitely the trivia games you got to play throughout, and a little passport they gave you to stamp as you hit exhibit. I liked being able to see things at my own pace, all while actually being kept engaged.

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After this, we headed to St. Stephen’s Green for a stroll in the park. This was unlike any park I have been to, the Green was full of ponds and wildlife, as well as fountains and beautiful architecture. The atmosphere was very positive and warming, as people we’re playing and lying around the parks entirety. It really gave off a nice and relaxed vibe.

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Our Last stop of the day was Aviva, the futbol and rugby stadium here in Ireland. We got a last minute personal tour which was awesome, so there were only four of us. We got to see the media and journalism rooms, the press conference areas, and of course the stadium itself. The architecture makes this a standout in Dublin.

We got to walk through neighborhoods to get back to our hotel, so it was really cool getting to see a little out of the city. The houses are all gorgeous but close together and full of color.

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Tomorrow I will talk about the start of our bus tour!

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