Last day in Dublin

Sadly, I I got cold when I was in Cardiff, and the worse thing is I still don’t get better until yesterday. I am hesitated a lot about should I go to the hospital or not, since Troy told me the hospital it is extremely slow. I don’t want waste my precious last day of Dublin in Hospital. However, my cough got seriously, so I finally decided to see the doctor. TO my surprise, the waiting time was not very long, and the doctor is kind. After some general check, he gave me some antibiotic medicine without any lagging. The whole process is much more smoothly than a hospital in American. The entire payment including medicine is 80 Eros, and I can still get some money back when I come back American with insurance. I was satisfied with the health system of Dublin, and that means I still have a half day left to explore this lovely city.
I walked along the river. Dublin is a pretty lively city, unlike Cardiff. Of course, because it is the biggest city in Ireland, millions of travels choose to visit there every year. All pubs and restaurants are full of crowded people. People drink the alcohol, dancing and singing with Irish music. I ordered a cottage pie and watched them from upstairs; it is hard not to get influenced by this lively atmosphere. If I did not get a cold, I should probably join them.

I visited the Phoenix Park after the dinner. This park is seven times larger than the time square of New York. Some people laid on the vast grassland to enjoy the last sunshine at 8 P.M. and others were playing ball together. They even asked me to join them. The park is not very special but full of peace and energy, that’s why I love it.

That’s Dublin, unlike London, it’s more lively and active even the weather is wet and cloudy usually. It is a right place for living, and I hope I can visit there again someday.

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