Life on the Road

by Malaika Allen

Today has been a pretty long day. Around nine this morning we all piled onto a bus for our bus tour through Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our tour guide is rather energetic and funny, which has made the tour quite interesting so far.

Our first stop was at Trim Castle. It is located in Ireland along the River Boyne (still inside Ireland) and was built in the twelfth century. This castle was huge and definitely looked as old as it was. Somehow this magnificent stone structure is still standing after hundreds of years. Although we did not go inside, we did get a chance to walk around, which made this structure feel even more massive. There was even the remanence of a small mote in the back of the castle. I’m sure back in the day it was huge and a real issue for their enemies.

We grabbed some food from a store across from the castle and got right back on the road, we did have an itinerary to keep up with.

Our next stop required us to walk about a mile up a large hill, but the view was beyond worth it. In every direction you saw the country side, cows grazing, small farms, and had the mountains in the background. The view was absolutely breathe taking and we even met a few adorable companions (dogs) on the way up. We really went up there to visit an ancient burial ground at Loughcrew. This spot was a tight squeeze, but we were able to go in in smaller groups. With the flash lights we were given we could see the drawing on the walls of this site (The view from the top might have been the most breathe taking part of that hike).

Today was a pretty long and history filled day. We are now in a small town in Northern Ireland getting ready to head back on the road tomorrow (which will include much more than todays adventures).

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