Nothing but Green

Nothing but Green-By Courtney Kellogg

It was time to say goodbye to Dublin as we packed up our bags last night. I think all of us certainly enjoyed Dublin, but were ready to get out of the city and into something new.

9am was when the Shamrocker Irish Bus Tour picked us up to head to Northern Ireland. All 16 of us, our tour guide, and the bus driver piled onto our big bus and hit the road.

Our first stop was at Trim Castle where we walked around the enormous area that the castle occupied and the motte that surrounded it. It was astonishing to know that this castle was from the 12th century!

Trim Castle (Courtney Kellogg)

After that we hopped back onto the bus and headed to Loughcrew Passage Tomb. To get to the tomb, we had to hike up a beautiful hill. Small flowers and shrubs scattered the ground and once we got to the top of the hill, the view was incredible! The area was all covered in green! It was like a breath of fresh air since we had been in cities for so long. Even better was the three dogs that joined us at the top of the hill. (I am really missing my dog at home, so to have three dogs join us was just great!). The tomb was a small insert in the side of the top of the hill where they used to bury the dead. It was small and cramped but it was interesting to see the markings on the rocks.

View at the top ft. Anastasia (Courtney Kellogg) 
A dog that joined us at the top of the hill (Courtney Kellogg) 

After the tomb, we hiked down and took the bus to get lunch and drive the rest of the way to our hotel!

Group heading down the hill (Courtney Kellogg) 

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