On a Cliff and Then a Bus

We have a handful of travel days on this trip. Usually, they consist of waking up early to catch a flight or a train over to the next stop and it knocks all the energy out of us. Today we were lucky enough to be able to incorporate our traveling with actual things! We started our Northern Ireland bus tour, stopping by Trim CastleTrim Castle and Loughcrew Passage Tomb; ending the day in Derry.


Trevor being T-Posed at the top of the hill // Three Idiots Abroad blocking a great view

The two highlights of the day have been our tour guide “Daz” and some really really good dogs. Daz narrated a lot of our bus trip to break up the monotony of the ride, he told us much of the history of the places we visited as well as the history of the conflicts between Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the UK. He also taught us some interesting cultural differences and Irish terminology such as “craic” and how to properly use the word “grand” to get out of troublesome situations!


Three very tired hikers at the top of Loughcrew Passage Tomb.

On the climb up to Loughcrew Passage Tomb, we ran into a fellow hiker walking up with his three dogs. We chatted a little and got to pet the dogs as well as take some pictures with them! Lassie, who was a very enthusiastic pupper, wiggled his way into one of the group photos!


Honestly look at these dogs and tell me that it doesn’t immediately lift your spirits.

The day before our departure (our final day in Dublin) I was able to visit the town of Bray and walk along the Bray Head Cliff Walk. It was absolutely gorgeous and has only made me more excited to see more of the Irish countryside.


Some lovely photos from the Bray Head Cliff Walk. 10/10 would walk again.

On a Cliff and Then a Bus – By: Jacob McDowell

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