The Peace Bridge Derry

When we came into Derry I could not help but notice the strange looking bridge in the distance. It looked like a suspension bridge that was being rung out. There were two high poles with wire running down them keeping the bridge suspended, qualifying it to be called a suspension bridge. After proper research I now know what the bridge is and what it symbolizes.

The Derry Peace Bridge is bridging the gap between two historically politically divided communities. Razzle Dazzle our tour guide said the tension can be seen as similar to that of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. I find it hard to believe that but that is just my opinion. The bridge was built by an architecture firm in London, and cost a whopping fourteen million pounds, which for us would be like $18 million. The two poles I mentioned previously are in fact supposed to be seen as hands between the sides and unifying together.

The two sides of the River Foyle are the Protestant Waterside and the Nationalist Bogside. One side wanted to form an united Ireland, where the entire island was its own sovereign state. The other wanted to remain with the United Kingdom, primarily because they had benefited so much from the UK. The time was referred to as the “The Troubles” and began in the 1960s and ended in the 90’s . During this hostile time there were numerous terrorist attacks from each side of the divided Northern Ireland. it is estimated that there were over 3,400 deaths as a direct cause of the conflict. The events are still remembered by people today. Many of those alive today can recall upon the events and the effect it had on their personal life. The conflict was resolved with the Good Friday Agreement, restoring self-government to Northern Ireland.

I did not go in, but I can assume it is nowhere close to the 7/11
Not a bad view for a run/walk today

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