Traded In the Walking Shoes For Wheels


By: Emily Lovasz

On our last day in Dublin, Rohan, Chris and I decided to skip walking over 10 miles around the city trying to visit everything we wanted to on our last day and rented bikes. A lot of European cities have bikes racks around the city where you can rent bikes for a few hours up to a few days. There was a lot left to do in the city and we only had one day. While we did not make it to everything, we sure did so a lot.

Biking through the city streets of downtown Dublin was extremely stressful at times. For one, they drive on the opposite side of the road, so that means you have to bike on the opposite side of the road. Instead of making left hand turns, you make right hand turns across the intersection, which was quite confusing. But I only almost got ran over by a bus twice! Second, it is hard to look up directions when you are biking with heavy traffic. Cars are honking at each other and there are narrow spaces to bike in between cars and the sidewalk, unless there is a bike lane.

IMG_9691.JPGEither way, biking was definitely a great choice to get around the city quicker. We started out by biking to the other side of the city to take pictures outside of Croke Park. From there we biked down to Aviva Stadium where we took a tour. The tour was probably one of the highlights of the day. They took us to the locker rooms, practice rooms, into the stands and we even got to see where the media and photographers work during matches. We got to sit at the table in the press conference room and in the chair in the stands were tv cameras and the crew sit during matches.

Later in the day, Rohan and I took the bikes back out to explore Phoenix Park. This park is so big that it can fit Central Park in New York in it twice! We were not able to bike the entire thing, but we did get to see a good portion of it. The President of Ireland lives in the Irish White House in the middle of the park. The Dublin Zoo is also located here and the Wellington Monument, which is the second largest obelisk next to the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. We passed cricket and polo fields and grassy fields where people sat with friends, played frisbee and ate food.

We had a productive last day in Dublin, but there was still so much I wanted to see. I will definitely be going back to finish touring the beautiful and vibrant city.

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