At the top its just us!

Today, I left Dublin but I ended up at the top of Ireland. For two days, we have a Shamrock Bus Tour booked and today we went and visited Trim Castle! Trim Castle is the  largest castle in Ireland and took over 30 years to completely construct. The castle itself is over 800 years old and was first constructed by Hugh de Lacy and his son. We didn’t get a chance to go inside, but we did get a chance to walk around and take pictures. The castle’s architecture is so grand and beautiful. The site was even used in the movie award-winning film Braveheart in 1995. After visiting the castle we boarded the bus and down about two hours up to our next destination. On the way there, out tour guide talked about Ireland’s history and fun facts.


The phase “filthy rich” comes from Ireland and is actually connected to the Castle. When Irish wealthy people lived in Castles, everything that came out of a person’s backside ended up in pit in the Castle’s backyard. In order to keep diseases and flees out of Irish people clothes, they would hang their clothes above the pit of feces in hopes that their clothes would stay flee free. They would smell just like feces but they were rich and clothed nicely, so it didn’t matter. Along with the castle, we hiked all the way up to Oldcastle. The hike took around seven minutes to the top, but felt like 30 minutes. I learned today how out of shape that I really am. Once I got to the top, we were able to take pictures from the beautiful scenery. You could see up to 15 miles at least of Ireland, along with land, hills, trees and farm animals. It was something that I was longing for on this trip and this site completely stole my heart. However, hiking in a dress is not ideal but the pictures made it all worth it. We even got to climb inside a cave that was detailed with carvings on the rocks. Mark who is over 6 feet was even able to climb in and get the experience. Overall, today was fun and adventurous. All in a dress.


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