Don’t touch my bag!

Today I fulfilled a wish, watching the sunset above sea! After we finished our dinner, we went to a place called Ballintoy Harbour, where is a place with some reefs near the ocean. The reef where I sit was directly face to West which is a wonderful place to see sunset. That was not in my plan at the beginning, since In here, the sunset usually happens around 10pm. But when I got off from bus and saw the seaside view, I changed my mind, and as matter of fact, it worth for waiting. Although it was cold, when I saw the sun setting down into the see and made the sea in red, I was excited. I also made a slow motion video for recording this beautiful view, and during the waiting, I was keeping telling people, do not touch my phone on my bag.

Also, when we guys were waiting, Rohan flew his drone again for some sunset photos. And what was next, was the show of “Dogfight” between the drone, and bunch of seagulls. That was hilarious, since the seagulls were ready to sleep in their nest, but the sound of drone was super annoyed. Therefore they began to attack the drone and Rohan had to dodge again and again.

As matter of fact, last year, same day, I was also taking the photograph of sunset near the Lake Biwa in Japan. It is somehow interesting that It’s been a year and I’m still dining the same thing. However, things remain as ever, yet the past is no more.

Sunset in Lake Biwa, Japan
Sunset in Ballintoy Harbour, UK

Also, I checked that the Continental outline we could see in the sunlight, is Greenland! We can actually see the another continent where is 1300 miles away! How incredible that was!

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