A bus trip on Northern Ireland, part 2

You may feel strange why I start the whole series from Part 2. That’s because the second day of the trip is today and I am so excited about what I saw. The surprises keep coming like bombs and although I am already super tired right now. I still try to spend few more minutes to aftertaste the feeling.


In the morning, we walked through the Derry and learned the history of Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement. After that, we went to Giant’s Causeway. The Giant’s Causeway is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic fissure eruption. The causeway itself is very interesting and show the extraordinary power of nature. However, it is sad that there are too many visitors there so I can’t even find a right place to get some nice shot. Which I prefer is climbing up the hill, stand and view all the beautiful bay alone. It is pretty like scene game of throne without dragon(actually this is the place they shot the scene. )


We arrived at a little town called Ballintoy at 3 P.M. No signal, wifi is slow, and six men live in one room. But sorry for Penarth, I still need move the best-retried place and best sunset in the world to Ballinntoy. The whole scene way too shocking and impressive, it’s kind of like the CG in the real-time world, and I still can’t believe such a beautiful place exists. I seated on a big rock and watched the sun drop down slowly, just similar to what I did in Penarth. But this time, I am not alone. There are the whole group of teams with me. I can’t join the talks entirely because I was still not very familiar to American Jokes and culture(It is sad I still not used to it for three years). But we can laugh and enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the world together, and that’s enough.

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