Appreciation of the great nature

Today we started our journey from Londonderry, or I should call it Derry. And the first stop for today is the place called Giant’s Causeway. But it is not just a normal causeway, the view of that was gorgeous. And that was the only words I could describe the view over there. It is located on the Atlantic coast about 80 kilometers northwest of Belfast, Northern Ireland. A total of about 40,000 hexagonal pillars make up 8 kilometers of the coast. The pillars are continuous and orderly, extending into the sea in a stepped manner. The giant causeway is thought to have formed from the cooling and solidification of lava after volcanic eruptions during Paleocene. However, according to myths, is was built by Fionn mac Cumhaill, the Irish giant because he wanted to cross the sea and fight with another giant in Scotland. Of course that is just a myths, but with the audio guide, I still could image figure of his works.


I was thinking, the view of Giant’s Causeway the most beautiful place in this trip so far. Even though I spent most of time for walking without having lunch, it was still worth for it. However, after we jumped into bus and went to the next stop, I changed my mind. We went to the Dunluce Castle which is well-known as the castle in Game of Thrones. It was built by Vikings during the meddle centuries when they arrived Ireland at first time. It has been 8 centuries so we could only see its residual wall. Yet it was still worth it with amazing sea view. To be honest, I wish I could have my wedding in here someday.


And one more thing, while we were visiting Dunluce Castle, we saw that on the other side of hill, there were many people were filming. How coincidence that was! Although somebody told us that they were not filming Game of Thrones right now, but we still believe in it.


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