Ballintoy Harbour

By: Emily Lovasz

Warning: Neither of these slideshows accurately represent the true and natural beauty of  Northern Ireland.

On our three day bus tour we had the privilege to stop at cliffs, coastal towns and beautiful tourist areas. On our second day, we stayed at a hostel in Ballintoy, a small village at the top of Northern Ireland. Standing at the end of the driveway of our hostel, we could see the one restaurant and one pub of the town down the street. For one night none of us had cell service, so we were left to soak in the beauty of the coast.

At the end of our long day and after we were checked into the hostel, Rohan and I decided to head down to Ballintoy Harbour. It was less than a mile walk to the harbour on a winding road through farmland and houses on the cliffs. Once at the bottom, the road opened up into a small marina were three boats were docked.  A pier ran alongside the marina with large rock formations on the other side, which led to the sea.

We took off our shoes and climbed onto the rocks to sit and enjoy the sun and waves lapping against the rocks below us. Rohan got to snap a few photos as well.

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After dinner, most of the group decided to head back down to the harbour to watch the sunset. We all climbed over the pier and onto some of the larger rock formations. They were topped with grass, making it easy to sit as a group.

This night was hands down the best night of the trip so far. As I said, none of the pictures that anyone took can do Northern Ireland justice. You just can’t find cliffs and rocks that you can climb on to watch a sunset over the sea with some of your now closest friends.

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