Boom Boom Boom

“Boom Boom Boom”, the rallying cry of the MSU Mass Media in the UK Shamrocker Northern Ireland Bus tour. We’ve spent the last handful of days learning more of the history of Ireland whilst aboard our bus. These stories were narrated by our guide, Darren (Daz for short), and he did a wonderful job bringing the past to life. Stopping through notable locations such as Derry and Giant’s Causeway, and smaller places like Ballintoy and Dunluce Castle (although the castle is partly famous due to its use in the popular show Game of Thrones as a reference for the Greyjoy castle). All of these stories and places painted a very real picture of the history of Ireland with a focus on the recent conflicts of the 80’s and 90’s. One such center of those conflicts was Londonderry (or just Derry, if you so choose), a place of importance because of the self-initiated peace they brought about and how they set a path for others to follow along in.


Alongside much of the learning of history we visited a number of places related to pop-culture…and by pop-culture, I mean Game of Thrones. As mentioned we went to Dunluce Castle, where we thought we were witnessing the actual filming of the show but it turned out to just be filming from the Artemis Fowl adaptation (which I assume is exciting to someone, but to be honest I’d never heard of it until now). We also visited The Dark Hedges, the real world location of “King’s Road”.

The film set we mistook for Game of Thrones

We ended our tour in the city of Belfast. As of now, the most we’ve done is go out for lunch, but tomorrow begins a new adventure!

Boom Boom Boom – By: Jacob McDowell

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