Bus-trip on Northern Ireland, Part 1

It has been very long I don’t travel with a large group on a bus. But it is a good thing that we don’t need to catch the train and subway every time. After 2 hours driving, we left Dublin, a lively and historic city, and arrive in Derry(Or Londonderry, you can see the reason of name disputation there). What I don’t know is it because of the cloudy and windy weather, the whole town looks cold and cheerless when we come, especially when you compare it with Dublin. Few people were walking along the street, and plenty of shops or restaurants had closed. I know the popular northern Ireland civil rights movement begun from there in 1969 from the guide. It also influences the environment of this city, of course. But when night comes, everything is changed.

I talked about Cardiff’s crazy night, and I find the people in Derry is much crazier than people in Cardiff. Of course, the Cardiff’s night is much more lively and accessible because of all the pub street crowds with boys and girls. In Derry, only a few pubs still opened but if you think that’s boring and then your wrong. When I walked in the pub, there is a song played the guitar, and the others play the accordion. All the people were singing and dancing together. They spoke Irish, so I can’t understand. A young boy taught me a word and asked me to shout it out. I did as he said and all people around me cheered and laughed loudly(Well, I guess it might be some words for abusing the UK). I am not that kind of person who loves noisy bar usually but this time. I pretty enjoyed the beer, the Irish traditional song and enthusiastic environment at that night.


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