Conquering Cliffs and Fears: Bus Tour Day Two and Three

The Best Views of My Young Life—By: Bridget Bartos

After the Derry walking tour, we piled on the bus once again. We got to pass through my grandmas little farm town, and I got the most nostalgic connection to the green land we were passing though. I was almost crying I was so in awe from the beauty and connection.

Giant’s Causeway was out next stop, and it did NOT disappoint. We only got two hours, but I think we could have been there for five.

The walk began with stairs to the tops of the cliffs. Here there was a small dirt path that led along the edge. I get quite nervous about heights so my anxiety was rising, but I just kept taking deep breaths. The views were indescribable. Every few feet there was a stop looking just a little higher over the edge, and every view was better. After reaching one of the highest points, we got to take stairs down toward the Causeway. Even though they were steep, each step downwards was a path towards one of the amazing views of my life. I felt so humbled by the natural creations laid out in front of me. The view could never be fully captured by pictures, and I loved every minute of just being able to take it in. There are so many little details that are only able to be captured by the eye.

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After leaving the Causeway, we headed to Dunluce Castle where Game of Thrones was filmed! In the show, it is the home to castle Greyjoy. I just started watching the show, so it was pretty cool to see where the action happens in real life. Once again, the views from the castle were breathtaking. The ever crazier thing is that a piece of the castle once fell into the deep, bright blue sea. It’s hard for me to think of words to describe these places, so once again I’m gonna let pictures do the work!

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To end the day, I conquered my fear of climbing/hiking due to the encouragement of the amazing humans I have met on this trip. I am NOT a big rock climber or hiker or anything of that sorts, and have always had a fear of these activities. When the group wanted to go down to Ballintoy Harbour to take pictures, I was feeling nervous as ever. The islands were only connected by small formations and bridges, and were a ways up. Thankfully, I have been blessed with patient friends and they were all encouraging to my climbing struggles! I am proud to say I adventured out into the cliffs of the harbour, and I almost cried from the incredible views. Nothing in the world could describe the serenity of the area or the fresh salty air. Oceans spread as far as the eye could see, with only faint outlines of Scotland in the distance. These pictures although beautiful, do not do this justice.

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After leaving our Hostel this morning, more views were ahead! I began my day with a trip to Carrick-a-Rede, a tiny rope bridge! We got to walk across and see even more incredible beaches and views.


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Jacob McDowell

Our last stop was the Dark Hedges, another iconic Game of Thrones highlight. These trees acted as King’s Road in the show, and they were old and windy, and full of life. Some were so big, people could fit in them!

Next stop: Belfast


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