Getting Lost in the Sauce

In the United Kingdom us Americans have run into a sauce we are unfamiliar with, the brown sauce. The sauce has become very popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Some have described the taste as being similar to that of A1 sauce. Brown sauce is a combination of a multitude of ingredients, including: tomato, molasses, dates, apples, tamarind, spices, vinegar. Occasionally raisins or anchovies will be mixed in to this wild mix. The sauce is usually paired with breakfast foods, meat, chips (french fries for our American readers), and baked beans.

The most popular brand  of brown sauce would have to be the HP sauce. Accounting for over 75% of the brown sauce market they are definitely a household name. Heinz Ketchup based out of Pittsburgh has been a brand name throughout the past century but still only commands 60% of the market share for ketchups. Either Heinz is underperforming or HP sauce has carved out a niche and are killing the brown sauce game.

The sauce has also made it overseas to many places that were once part of the United Kingdom’s Empire, such as Canada, New Zealand, and the Outback. The sauce was first concocted in the late 1800’s and ever since has been the go to condiment for many people. Currently the owner of the sauce is the great great grandson of Frederick Gibson Garton. Now that is a family business!

I have yet to try the sauce myself on this trip. As much as I would like to say I will be, I have no plans on doing so.Just like how I wouldn’t eat Guinea Pigs if I was in Ecuador, I will not be enjoying this famous UK sauce.

One of the spots for Game of Thrones
Not a bad place to set up shop.
Not sure how Derry is going to resolve the Middle East conflict.

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